Brazilian Police in Sao Paulo Shoots a Motorcycle Thief in Broad Day Light

Brazilian Police in Sao Paulo Shoots a Motorcycle Thief in Broad Day Light

Stunning images of the moment a police officer prevents a robbery and shoots a criminal.  The video is being shared by thousands on the Internet. The video was made by a camera attached to the helmet biker who was approached by two men in the East Zone of São Paulo.

The action took place on Saturday October 12th, 2013. The victim of the attempted robbery carried a white Honda Hornet at the Penha neighborhood when he was stopped by  two bandits who were on motorcycle. One of the criminals had a gun pointed at the victim, who obeys orders and walks away.

The robber kept the pistol in his belt while climbing on the Honda Hornet. A uniformed policeman comes out of a black car and points a gun toward the bandit. Facing a possible reaction, the officer ends up shooting twice. Then the criminal who drove the motorcycle used in the action flees, leaving his accomplice on the floor.

The bandit shot is admitted to the Emergency Department at Morumbi. The shots hit the abdomen and leg.  Escarante Leonardo Santos, 18, who underwent surgery and his condition is considered stable. The other assailant has not been identified.

The images of the assault were released by biker on YouTube. Afraid of reprisals, the victim withdrew the action of striking the air, but the video has been shared by thousands of users of social networks, including the U.S. website Live Leak.

The Military Police of São Paulo issued a statement about the occurrence. Preliminary analysis of the video suggests that the action of the military police was legitimate and correct, with the observance of police techniques. In the video of 2 minutes 13 seconds to 59 seconds you can see clearly that the robber pointed his gun toward the PM, “says the statement.


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